Terms of Service

Article 1

When you make a reservation for a transfer of residence or to the airport and vice versa, the company or the individual, either telephoned Ireland West Taxis & Tours, or request a service by e-mail. Each reservation shall be made preferably at the usual form which is available on our website under reservation. All bookings are confirmed by email by Ireland West Taxis & Tours, after Ireland West Taxis & Tours provide the service in accordance with the terms of these terms and conditions. Deviating terms and conditions of the company, the individual or individuals provide can only be accepted if they are expressly accepted in writing by Ireland West Taxis & Tours , before the start of implementation of the agreement. A copy of the application and / or the confirmation is issued to the customer

Article 2

In order to properly implement our services every customer must provide all relevant information, as well as any relevant information requested by Ireland West Taxis & Tours . Should at least provide the number and the pick up or address of arrival, provided your departure and / or arrival of the flight and a phone number where the transport of persons can be reached with any necessary changes are communicated by request

Article 3

Customers are collected by Ireland West Taxis & Tours at the address mentioned in the contract at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. The exact time of the withdrawal is communicated to written confirmation by Ireland West Taxis & Tours. If necessary due to unforeseen traffic jams, congestion, road works and / or weather conditions the people to transport to be contacted directly by Ireland West Taxis & Tours to adjust the hours of collection.

Article 4

On collection at the airport to transport the people should always look for a sign with Ireland West Taxis & Tours. Every customer must inform Ireland West Taxis & Tours, at least 2hours before the planned arrival, if they are not on the designated flight to your chosen airport.

The agreement can be chanced or cancelled by the company, individual or transporting people at any time, be dissolved or terminated if any of the above-mentioned fail, the right to cancel falls in to the guide lines set out by the national Transport Authority or Ireland.

Article 5

The customer transported shall be held liable for all damage or soiling to Ireland West Taxis & Tours incurs by their mistake.

Article 6

All quotations are only binding one month, unless a different period is expressly agreed in writing, and are subject to revision when the prices of means of production would rise

Article 7

Cases of force majeure release Ireland West Taxis & Tours from all responsibility. Force majeure is understood to include: abnormal weather conditions, unforeseen traffic jams, not announced road works, demonstrations, … This list is an example, but is not restrictive

Article 8

In case of disputes, only the courts of the jurisdiction where the registered office of Ireland West Taxis & Tours has jurisdiction.


Last updated: 14/06/2018